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How to improve your profile to get better admits?

Going abroad to study is a dream for many. Students often prefer to get into top colleges, where they can get to learn from the best professors in the world but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Top 1% students with astounding profiles get into such universities. So, let’s look into how to improve our profile to get ambitious admits.

There are certain factors that boost one’s profile and they are:

SOP: Statement of Purpose is always the most important of all these aspects during the process or admissions. A phenomenal SOP can grab you a seat in the university even if your profile is just average. So, It is highly recommended to spend ample time drafting an outstanding SOP.

CGPA: It always stands as the primary parameter for top universities. Most universities under 30 ranks look for higher CGPA(9.0+). So, students should try to increase their CGPA as much as possible while they are in their undergraduate. We can balance a low CGPA with other factors to stand equal chance during admissions like having good research work or working experience and some other.

Work Experience: Work experience of greater than 2 years will always add a good value to your profile. This can make your profile stand ahead of fresher profiles. So, relevant work experience in the field you want to pursue your masters is always good to have. You can even manage a low CGPA with ample work experience. Meanwhile it's not mandatory, if you are very good in other parameters.

Internships: Internships will surely add to one’s profile strength in portraying that one has a practical experience on the work one has learnt. We can even mention the projects we have done in that internship. If one has a gap after their study or having free time, try to join at least a free internship and grab a certificate which will lift your profile from others.

Research and Publications: There are many students who are interested in thesis work or PhD. For such ones, their previous research work will definitely boost their profile ahead of others with no research work done. This will even get you a chance of research assistantship, if the professor likes our work. So, It is always advisable for students to do some projects during their undergraduate and publish good international papers/journals to uplift their profile.

GRE and IELTS scores: Finally, Most universities have a cut-off GRE score and cut-off IELTS scores. So, always try to do your best in both the exams. These days GRE has been waived off by the majority of the top universities, So it is the profile that could grab you the best of the best admits.

Finally, start working on your profile from your undergraduate itself so that one’s application can stand out from others in securing them their ambitious admit.

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Sri Harsha

a month ago

Thanks bro…You helped me a lot to boost my profile…