Rohith Reddy Pulaputturi

Rohith Reddy Pulaputturi

a year ago

How to ask universities to expediate the admission process?

Hello everyone.

I applied for few universities for the full-time MBA and I got an admit from one university right now with 50% scholorship.
It is in the top 70 MBA program rankings in US (as per QS).

I do have interview four invites already from MBA program which are in the QS ranks of 41-50, and one interview invite that ranks in 30s per QS ranking.

Situation: The univerity that gave me the admit, has a condition to accept/deline the offer by March 7th and I am not sure if the other universities I applied would release the decesison letters. Some of them are rolling based and some are deadline based.

What's the best suggestion in this case?
Should I tell the other universities that I have an offer in her and request them to expediate the process or should I just give up and stay on hope that other universty decisions will also fall in place by March 7th.

Thanks in advance.


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