Bhumi Shahu

21 days ago

Hi I'm Bhumi!!

I scored 84% in 10th std and 86% in 11th grade. Uf I apply to Harvard early without SAT are there any chances for me??


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Aditya Jha

20 days ago

Without SAT they won't accept the application, SAT is not the whole thing but it is a necessary part. Give SAT, build a good profile with extracurriculars and show some work for your society then apply Numbers are just part of the application It won't decide anything on its own And if everything thing gone well and good, then surely we can meet at Harvard :) See more


Ahmed Hakeem

21 days ago

Hey Bhumi! Hope you're having a good day. Just wanted to mention, I volunteer at a non-profit who's founder is a Harvard alumnus and I had asked whether my SAT score of 1370 was good. Their response? "It's decent." I'd say a score of 1400+ would give weight to your Harvard application but they aren't the entirety of your application so there's definitely a lot of things to consider beyond the S... See more