Sham Shamanth

18 days ago

Hi, I am BE electrical graduate(63 percentage) , 2020 output.

Currently working in tcs(testing role) from 1.4 years. Now I have planned to do masters from CS in USA. My concern right now is the course to opt for my masters, as i have seen, data science is currently in demand and have not prior knowledge or work experience in this subject, would u suggest me to take up data science as my stream for masters or which other stream would be suitable for me and also the same should have ample amount of opportunities to build my career further in IT field. What difficulties may i face if i take up data science? Anyone who is from non CS background,who has taken up data science, would u share ur experience and the difficulties u faced and also suggestions based on ur experience would be helpful.

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A D Mentor_tag

16 days ago

Hi, I am from a CS background. The number of applications for CS are substantially higher than for Data science. So, there might slightly less competition for DS than CS. The problems you might face are: - You might not have the prerequisites in your undergrad. Universities look for subjects like data structure and algorithms, Discrete mathematics. mathematics-related subjects - Some universities ... See more