Aastha Chawla

a year ago

Hi Guys! I could really use your help with shortlisting universities based on my profile for Fall 20

Hi Guys! I could really use your help with shortlisting universities based on my profile for Fall 2022. Course: MS in Data Science/ MS in Operations Research Work experience: 2+ years of experience as a Programmer Analyst at American Express. Internships: Research Intern at IIT Kanpur, Design Intern at Honda Cars India. Bachelors: B.Tech in Production and Industrial Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra, 9.2 CGPA. GRE Scores: 1. 316 - 164Q, 152V, 3.5AWA 2. 314 - 167Q, 147V, 3.5AWA (Planning to send the second score to universities that prefer better Quant like UCLA or UT Austin, whereas will send both my scores to the other universities) TOEFL: 100 (20+ in all sections) SOP: Have good projects on ML, Big Data, Data Analytics, and Visualization. LOR: 1 from HOD, 1 from Asst. Professor and 1 from Senior Manager or Director. Publications: 1 paper in IUP Journal of Operations Management and 2 papers in International Conferences. Good extracurricular involvement. Universities Shortlisted: 1. UC Berkeley - MIMS 2. CMU - MCDS 3. UMich - MS in Data Science (Stats Dept) 4. Columbia University - MSDS 5. GaTech - MSOR (Didn't choose MS in analytics as I am looking for a 1+ year course) 6. UT Austin - MS in ORIE 7. UCLA - MSBA (Courses are technical and they don't have MSDS) 8. NYU - MSDS 9. UCSD - MS in Machine Learning and Data Science (ECE Dept) 10. USC - MS in Applied Data Science 11. PSU - MPS in DAAN (Got application fee-waiver) 12. UC Davis - MS in Statistics (Specialized in Data Science) 13. IUB - MSDS It would be really helpful if you could suggest some universities that are gettable for me as I am planning to narrow this list down to 9-10 options. Please suggest Ambitious, Moderate, and Safe universities too. I would mostly prefer Public universities but I have kept few private ones with good ROI and job opportunities like CMU, NYU. Thanks in advance

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