Aakanksha Garg

18 days ago

Hi All I am planning to give GRE in September.

I had given a mock test and scored 307 without any preparation. My verbal section is poor and I need to improve my maths section. Am I too late to start preparing? Cab someone guide me as to how should I go with preparing for GRE and TOEFL and secure a decent score.

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A D Mentor_tag

17 days ago

Hi, You are not late to start preparing for fall 2023. Some exam tips - 1. ETS official material - You will get to know the level of the exam 2. Manhattan prep 5 lb - Not necessary to solve everything 3. Magoosh portal - Online portal will tell you exactly the category of questions that you are good at and which ones you need to work on. This type of assessment helps a lot. 4. Barron's 5. kaplan... See more