Vanshh Chauhan

3 months ago

Hey this is vanshh I’m a guitarist, singer and I want to become a full time musician

I’m from India and I’m in class 10th. I’m a guitarist, singer and I want to become a full time musician and I want a music college after my 12th in abroad. I belong to a middle class family. Please tell me what is the procedure for applying for colleges in USA or other countries with proper fee structure. Thankyou


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Aishani Kapoor

2 months ago

Hey, it's great to know that your interest lies in music. However, the universities want experience and academic achievements in this field from the students as well. I suggest you give Trinity examinations as they are one of the basic entry requirements for the course(I completed Grade 8 Electronic Keyboard in 2020). Do your research and there are plenty of sites which can suggest universities in... See more

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Arjun Aravind P M

3 months ago

Hey! You can look at some top universities for BA in Music and related courses here:,Germany,Canada&pc_name=Music&s_name=rank&s_order=asc You can apply to certain scholarships where it is mentioned below the uni name. The procedure, course details et can be found on the uni website accurately!! See more


Raspal Uppal

3 months ago

Contact me