Inban Tamizhselvan

8 days ago

Hey guys, My CGPA : 8.10 IELTS BAND : 7 i was about to write GRE but searching for some universities without GRE requirement, am i able to get austin? Is GRE is required what would be the minimum marks required?


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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

7 days ago

Hi Inban Unless you are from IIT, there's next to Nil Chances , If you get 330+ in gre you could atleast try for It . Since it's a Public University it's harder to get in Compared to Costlier Private Universities Like Northwestern or Vanderbilt. See more

Sanjana N

7 days ago

Hi I believe that with stellar SOP and LORs and GRE score you can get into any university you wish for See more

Zeal Zeal

8 days ago

Giving GRE gives you more options as competition is very high for MS in CS. This year fall 2022 has been very difficult for students with profiles of CGPA 8.7+,GRE 318 +and good projects, work experience getting rejected from NYU, NEU, UTD, Virginia tech etc. See more