Abhi Ramoju

22 days ago

Hey, can anyone suggest universities for ms cs spring23 intake:

Profile: Gre: 317, Awa: 2.5 Toefl: 92 College: NIT Undergraduate Branch: Computer science Cgpa: 7 Experience: 4.5 yrs as Software Engineer in MNC #masters #USA #universities #universityshortlisting #higherstudies #ComputerScience #ms #Software #admissions

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Aditya Alladi Mentor_tag

22 days ago

Hello there Abhi, I have shortlisted some of the universities for you for MS in Computer Science categorized into three sections ( Ambitious, Target, and Safe Universities) Ambitious: 1) Michigan State University 2) University of Connecticut 3) University of Texas at Dallas 4) The University of Utah Target: 1. University of California, Santa Cruz 2. University of California, Riverside 3 Univ... See more