Aditya Vardhan

24 days ago

hellohello, My name is Aditya Vardhan Konigalla ,i got admitted in applied mathematics major as undergrad student for fall 2022 in sjsu, i applied for cs i couldn’t get it,can i change to cs after coming to the campus?


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Aditya Vardhan Author

24 days ago

thank you for the help adithya.

Adithya Datta Mentor_tag

24 days ago

Hey Aditya I can understand your concern unfortunately , San Jose State University doesnt allow newly admitted students to change their course untill unless they earn a SJSU GPA of their first semester exams at the campus of the course you have got in before being considered for requesting major change. You have to attend an orientation in which you have to explain why you are interested in changi... See more