Jainam Gala

a month ago

Hello folks please recommend be the best colleges for MS CS based on my profile

Please recommend me the best colleges for MS CS Jan 2023 USA intake based on my profile:-
GRE -312 VERBAL 154 QUANTS 158
TOEFL - 105
CGPA - 7.16
WORK EXP - CAPGEMINI (1.8 years)

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Anu Prasad

a month ago

Hi, here are few universities for you to consider for MS in Computer Science: Ambitious: 1) Missouri University of Science and Technology 2) University of Illinois at Chicago 3) Illinois Institute of Technology 4) University of Maryland, Baltimore County Target: 1. Rutgers University-New Brunswick 2. University of South Florida 3 University of South Carolina 4.University of Cincinnati Safe: 1. ... See more