Rahul Ahir

2 months ago

Hello everyone, wanted a profile evaluation and suggestion regarding universities.

Bachelor's:- Production engineering
CGPA:- 6.81/10
GRE:- 315
TOEFL: 100
Work Experience: 4 years (3 years in Business Strategy & Management & 1 Year in Supply chain management)

Looking for Engineering Management courses

Current Lists:
Purdue MEM
UT Austin MEM

Umass MEM

Northeastern MEM

Please if anyone can go through the profile and help with suggestions/imporvements, will be helpful.

Thanks in advance!!!!
#unitedstates #MEM #utaustin #umass #ms #masters #spring2023 #spring23

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A D Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi, I wouldn't recommend applying to UT Austin. UTAustin is ambitious++ since CGPA is low. universities in Texas also focus on undergrad CGPA. Truthfully, many universities on your list are ambitious. I would highly recommend you to go through the profiles of admitted data on yocket and then finalize universities. Some of the universities that I would recommend for your profile are: Rutgers Unive... See more