Tanmayi Shurpali

12 days ago

Hello everyone I am thinking of applying for MS in CS in canada for fall 2023. Following is my profile Please suggest universities

Cgpa - 8.77 Research paper - 1 , accepted to be published in IEEE journal Internship experience- software engineer front end developer in a start up for 6 months International competitions - 1 , participated in kaggle competition. Major projects - 3 Using concenpts of machine learning, networking, full stack mern applications etc. #engineering #fall2023 #Canada

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Aditya Alladi Mentor_tag

12 days ago

Hello there Tanmayi, I have shortlisted some of the universities for you (considering you scored 7 in IELTS) for MS in Computer Science categorized into three sections (Ambitious, Target, and Safe Universities) Ambitious: 1) The University of British Columbia, Vancouver 2) Queen's University, Kingston 3) University of Alberta, Edmonton 4) McGill University, Montreal Target: 1. McMaster Univ... See more