Nishitha Vattepally

20 days ago

Health informatics in Sacred heart university and Governer state university

I got my visa approved under sacred heart university - shu Also have i20 of governer state university- gsu SHU - private university, above 25 lakhs of fee (mentioned as 24k$ for 10 months), part times limited and competitive, course duration is too fast will be finished by december 2023, GSU - public, fee will be 20-25 lakhs ( mentioned as 15k$ for 8 months) , part times availability more, course duration sep 22- may 24 longer than shu, - chicago immigration is strict - course duration is shoter in shu than gsu Can you all whoever know about the situation near gsu and shu for health informatic students, can please help me about Suggest me the best one this decision...... One more thing there is no chanvece ce of changing major if anwe have to l Please suggest me between shu anfd gsu seniors

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Swetha Sreegiriraju

14 days ago

Hello. I did Health informatics course. I would suggest you to join GSU. let me know if you need any further details. See more