Jasdeep Singh

24 days ago

GRE for canada

Hi is gre score required for MS comp sci in canada


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Jasdeep Singh Author

23 days ago

Thanks a lot Shafiq So is it advisable to give gre for fall 23?

Shafiq Reshid Mentor_tag

23 days ago

Hi Jasdeep, For most universities, you don't need GRE for MS comp sci in Canada. However, for prestigious universities like UBC and UofToronto, even though there is no requirement, Since the application process for MS comp sci is highly competitive, most students apply with their GRE scores and hence GRE scores provide you with the edge. GRE scores are not needed for other universities. Hope this ... See more


Sahej Singh

23 days ago

hello jasdeep singh ..gre is not compulsory but is strongly recommended!