Siddhesh Bangar

a month ago

Future Scope for IT Jobs in UK after masters

So I was doing my research for the Fall 2023 Masters in the UK for Data Science or Artificial Intelligence. I just want to know one thing that, is there a future scope i.e. jobs in the UK in the field of Data Science or AI once I get my masters done?

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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Siddhesh, There is a gradual increase in the employment rate from 2010 to 2019, with the % value remaining almost the same for the year 2019–2020. These figures are based on the number of people who have a job as a percentage of the working-age population, irrespective of their nationality. The average salaries for individuals depend on their job title, within a bracket of £31,000 to £51,000; ... See more