Utkarsh Singh

a month ago

Engineering Management MS

I am a 2020 VIT mechanical engineering graduate with a work ex of 1.5 years in IT sector and would be starting as a buisness Analyst in unicorn firm in the next month ,with 2 research papers relevant to engineering management and 8.32 cgpa .After disappointment from IIMs despite 98.8 percentile , I have started my gre prep journey , but had few questions regarding the same , and the was looking for some insight as to what I colleges and at what scores can I expect ,provided i would be working as a buisness Analyst for a year(by 2023) ( I have mentioned my profile so as to give you better reference ) #EngineeringManagement #ms #IndustrialEngineering

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Arjun Aravind

a month ago

Hi Utkarsh, you have quite a profile, and its unfortunate that these IIMs require an excessively high score to intake students for their courses. Since you are planning on Engineering Management, I would say a score near 315-320 is good, but if you can manage a score above it (seeing your CAT percentile I highly feel like you will) then it is great too. However GRE plays only a small role in your ... See more