Srikar Raju

15 days ago

Does Visa interview know about our previous travel history?

Hello guys, a small doubt, I travelled to the USA in the year 2000 when I was 8 months old (Dependent VISA H4) as my father got a job opportunity there. I stayed the for a year and returned back to India. Its been 22 years, and now I am applying for F1 VISA, Unfortunately, while filling out DS160 I forgot to mention about my travel history and submitted the document and I have visa interview in 2 days( Biometrics completed). So, does it cause any issues during the interview? Is there any chance that Visa officers can track my 22 yrs back travel history? Does this lead to rejection? NOTE: My father worked in the USA alone for few years and he also returned back to India 12 years back.

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Anu Prasad

9 days ago

Hi, they do know about your travel history. you could explain them if they ask about it and honestly tell them on why you missed out on mentioning the same, hope this helps! See more