Thakur Ranveer

14 days ago

Does university name matter for jobs and internships after masters in US ? On what basis we should select the university?

I.e. one university has better ranking but part time,GTA,GRA opportunities are less and also fee is also high. On the other hand, Other University has moderate ranking, less popular but partime GTA ,GRA chances seems to be more and fee is less. So only point would be job opportunities after masters - would it same for both or weightage would be given to university with top ranking. Note: course at top universitiy is IT, whereas in other university it is computer science. Please guide.


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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

14 days ago

Hi Ranveer, In some cases, it matters; for example, if you obtained your MS from Stanford, Yale, UCLA, MIT, Harvard etc. employers know that you study in a well-known university and the history has proved that those universities always produce job ready graduates. A first-tier university graduate accrues value simply by virtue of their institution. Graduates of second-tier institutions get value b... See more

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