Jose Maria Joseph Rajasekaran

5 months ago

Does Germany have good job opportunities after Masters in Biomedical Engineering?

Kindly answer my above question.
My CGPA is 9.12 out of 10. Do I have a chance of getting into TUM/ Heidelberg University for Masters in Biomedical Engineering?
I completed a one-month internship and I am also currently a research intern.
What is the weightage of CGPA/ SOP/ LOR?
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Arjun Aravind

5 months ago

That is a good profile in terms of CGPA, and your research internship will give you an upper hand over other applicants as well! You can check out the profiles of other applicants to this university using the connect feature and see where you stand here: SOPs and LORs do hold a lot of importance, along with your CGPA. Since germany isnt too much into GRE scores, the form... See more