Rahul M

2 months ago

Confused which course and university to choose from!

I am a professional with 11 years of experience as (Civil Structural Engineer). Planning to do a master's. I got admission to these universities. Please suggest which one to choose:

1. UC Davis - MS in Environmental Engineering
2. CMU - MS in Environmental Engineering
3. SUNY Buffalo - MS in Environmental Engineering.
4. San Jose State University - MS in Engineering Management.
5. Florida State University - MS in Structural Engineering
6. the University of Houston - MS in Petroleum Engineering.

Please suggest the most economic university with the best job outcomes.



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Siva Kesava Reddy

2 months ago

Course wise - Petroleum engineering is the top most level My suggestion U Houston or San Jose State University Best of luck 😉 See more

Zeal Zeal

2 months ago

UC Davies is better of the lot. CMU??? Carnegie Mellon??? Kindly clarify.

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