Hriday Vig

Hriday Vig

18 days ago

College vs Branch

What should be given the top most priority for masters be it MBA or MTech in the top universities in USA, Australia etc. the branch or the college? since for Masters most of the universities ask for 2 or more years full time work experience. So what should be the priority so that you get into the top universities in Masters program between the two. For example: Computer Science in a tier 2 college or Production and Industrial Engineering in a tier 1 college in India? #masters #bachelors

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V Prekshith
V Prekshith

a day ago

Hi Guys I am looking for accommodation at DSU
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Yelisetty Suresh
Yelisetty Suresh

2 days ago

profile for university of florida
my profile is
cgpa - 9.3
gre - 313
ielts - 7.5
i have 1 research paper and 1 year of research intern experience
and have some extra curricular activites also
is my pr...
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