Nitin Ka

Nitin Ka

a month ago

College selection

Currently i have three admits in hand(ucf, must, NJIT). Waiting for IUB, SBU, Rutgers(New Brunswick) , UFL, university of Utah, NCSU. I have applied for CS in every college listed above. My profile In brief:- GPA - 7.56 GRE - 308(161-Q, 147-V, AWA-3) Centre based Toefl - 96 ( 25- R,L,S, 21-W) Centre based Projects - 6 (1-AI, 1-ML, 3- Web tech related) Internship- 6 months and still ongoing Which college to decide among the admits, should I wait for the rest of the decisions and how good are the chances? #applicationprocess #admissions #Usa #counselling #MSCS

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