Karan Gaur

a month ago

College Recommendation for spring 23?

GRE - 320 (Q-167, V-153, AWA-3.5)
Work ex - 3 years
CGPA - 7.45

Preference is MS in CS but flexible with similar courses. Any suggestions would be helpful.
P.S. - College Finder not very helpful (Too expensive choices ~ 45K USD/yr)
#masters #ms

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Arjun Aravind

a month ago

Hey! I recommend you try searching for universities in the similar rank range on CSRankings so that you can find cheaper unis in your required tuition range. You can try these:- Indiana University, Michigan State University, Univ. of California - Merced, University of Florida, University of Houston, Florida State University, University of South Carolina etc. Based on your College Finder results... See more