Sai Bojja

12 days ago


Hi guys I have a small doubt can we go to OFC appointment biometric on a I20 and go to visa interview with a different i20 ???? Please let me know if it's possible 🙏 I have a i20 from Scranton University but I'm waiting for i20 from texas state University since my OFC Slot is in July 1st I'm not sure if the texas state university will provide the i20 on time Please let me know if it's possible #advice

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A D Mentor_tag

11 days ago

Hi, Call Texas university during office hours and request an expedition. If that is not possible and you get an i20 from Texas state university after biometrics but before the visa interview then update everything by following the steps of scenario 2 from the link below. Take both old and new university documents to the visa interview. See more