Kashyap Khandelwal

Kashyap Khandelwal

2 months ago

Choosing a final program MIS/MEM from my admits

I will have 4.8 years of work ex when I leave my job this Friday, 31st March. While I have worked as a reluctant SDE, I don't want to do any coding and wish to move to a non-tech role through a Master's program. My final offers are:
1.) UWash MSIM Early Career
2.) UArizona Eller MIS
3.) TAMU MIS (Scholarship received)
4.) Northwestern MEM
Which option do you guys recommend I choose and why? Please help, community. Non coding outcomes like product/project/program mgmt etc(Lack career clarity hence want open-ended program)

#studyabroad #masters #ms #TAMU #UW #northwestern #Arizona #Eller

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