Adithya Datta


a month ago

Career/Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering in the USA

Mechanical Engineering is a branch of engineering which combines mathematics, physics, and principles of material sciences. The Mechanical Engineering course is ranked #2 for the most availability of jobs in the field of engineering in the Nation. With over 3,00,000 jobs this course has become an lucrative career aspect. Based on the resources the requirement for Mechanical Engineers will increase by 7% in the period of 2020-2030 approx 30,000 jobs.

High Paying Jobs For Mechanical Graduates with their National Average Salary
1. Automation Engineer-$92,000
2. Research and Development Engineer-$93,000
3. Senior Mechanical Engineer-$95,000
4. Senior Design Engineer-$97,000
5. Powertrain Engineer-$1,00,000
This are the Average salaries for this field this number might differ from city to city and the college you graduate from. Mechanical Engineering with post graduate degrees are having high demand across all the industries in the USA.

I Hope this Post really help those who are Interested in this Field


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