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Career Opportunities For Computer Science in The USA

Aside from being one of the best funded and most internationally renowned field of study within US academics , careers in Computer Science are among the most in demand , lucrative ,and stable options for today's college graduates . Computer Science positions are plentiful, and there are many interesting jobs available to CS degree holders in the USA.

As per the data from Bureau of Labour statistics that most of the time these CS grads frequently lead to six digit figure salaries. The Median salary for a Computer And information technology engineer is at $1,25,000 and Network Architects is at $1,30,000.

Software developers are one of the fastest growing occupations according to Bureau of Labour US the field is expected to grow by 24% by this decade. The Average Salary for a Software Developer starts from $1,03,000 and can exceed upto $5,00,000 in the Silicon Valley with Experience , Capability and The Company you are employed for.

Top Companies for CS GRADS IN US
1. Microsoft
2. Amazon
3. IBM
4. Google
5. Apple and many more Big Techy Companies in the United States.
"Whether it's in your day to day life as a citizen in our world you're going to be interacting with a variety of these technologies" - Sherman

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