Yegurla Sumanth

24 days ago

Can you suggest some Colleges for MS in CS based on my profile?

I'm planning to apply for Masters in CS with AI specialization for 2023 Fall. I'm in my final year of Dual degree College : IIT Kharagpur current degree : (Dual Degree - Btech + Mtech) in Aerospace Engineering with Micro Specialization in AI current CGPA : 8.36/10 Gre and IELTS : Haven't taken yet. Will be taking in July-Aug. Courses taken out side of Aerospace department related to Cs and AI : 1. Programming and Data structures (Grade : 6/10, was very weak at programming in first semester) 2. Data Structures and Algorithms (Grade : 10/10) 3. Artificial Intelligence foundations (Grade : 10/10) 4. Machine Learning foundations (Grade : 9/10) 5. Deep Learning (Grade : 9/10) 6. Linear Algebra for AI and ML (Grade : 9/10) 7. Statistics for AI and ML (Grade : 9/10) Apart from academics, I am a Competitive Programmer. I am very particular about Ms in CS with AI specialization in any of the top 40 Universities in USA, and in university websites almost all of them have mentioned Courses like Operating Systems, Discrete Mathematics to be taken in UG if we are from Non Cs background. What are the chances of getting an admit given my non cs background but sufficient coursework in AI ? This is a genuine question as I am really not able to figure out what Universities should I be targetting at or wait till I get a couple of year of work experience and then apply.

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Morvi Chaturvedi

17 days ago

Hey You have a great profile. Here are some options for you: Safe Universities: University of Cincinnati: Stevens Institute of Technology: Target Universities: SUNY Buffalo: See more