Sindhu Reddy

22 days ago

Can we apply to Universities without GRE for spring 2023?

I want to apply for spring 2023 for MS in CS or SE. I only have my ielts exam done and wanted to apply for Universities that are waiving off GRE I want to apply for top 300 colleges and not below that Any ideas?


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Hemanth Kumar C

22 days ago

Take GRE and go for fall 2023 which has more advantage towards career.

Zeal Zeal

22 days ago

After the top 30 odd ranks the university hardly matters in job search. It's mainly you're skill set, networking and above all referrals which matters for job search. No point being obsessed with a number 300 or 200 in rankings. The rankings are also for the university as a whole and not for the department you're intending to join. See more

Siva Kesava Reddy

22 days ago

Take GRE otherwise you'll have less options