Sanil Chawla

a month ago

Can someone help me with an evaluation for Fall 2023?

GRE - 320 TOEFL - 112 GPA - 9.25 Work experience: 2.5 years ( Data Engineer at a top MNC ) Research : Ongoing publication ( may or may not be published before application) Looking for Ms CS colleges in the USA? Are the likes of CMU too farfetched?

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Ketan Patil Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, Here are my suggestions in no particular order. UCSD, ASU, NYU, Suny Buffalo, Michigan Tech, Virginia Tech, IUB, Oregon State Univ, CU Boulder, UCR, RIT, UCF, Rutgers, NCSU, UT Austin, UMCP, Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Virginia, UCSB, Univ of Utah, GaTech, Syracuse, U Wisconsin Professional CS, TAMU. For CMU you can try for specific courses such as MS in Computer Vision, MS in Lang... See more