Sai Pranith Meka

a month ago

Can someone help me with a list of colleges for MS in CS in US for Spring 2023

EEE from BITS pilani CG 7.02/10 Work experience: 2.5 years at Oracle and 6 months at Amazon currently 1 internship in NLP chatbot domain 1 strong LoR from Manager at Oracle and 2 possible LORs from college GRE 328 (166Q + 162V) 4.5 AWA Toefl 117 (30 + 30 + 28 + 29)

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Aditya Alladi Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hello there Sai, I have shortlisted some of the universities for you for MS in Computer Science categorized into three sections ( Ambitious, Target, and Safe Universities) Ambitious: 1) Emory University 2) University of Pittsburgh 3) University of Georgia, Athens 4) University of California, Santa Barbara Target: 1.University of California, Santa Cruz 2. Michigan State University 3 Indiana U... See more