Soumya Ambagade

Soumya Ambagade

21 days ago

Can I get MS CS (public uni) in Germany with Electrical bg?

"Hello everyone, I've been contemplating pursuing my master's in Germany, but I'm uncertain about my profile. I'm curious if it would be challenging to gain admission to a reputable public university for computer science with a bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. My qualifications are as follows: - 10th: 89% - 12th: 74.9% - BE (Bachelor of Engineering): 7.48 CGPA from a tier 2 university in India - 6 months internship in Python - 1 year of experience as an SAP developer I plan to pursue my master's after gaining 2 years of work experience. Could you please provide insights on whether my profile gives me a good chance of admission to a quality university? Thank you!" #CSE #CS #GERMANY

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