Abhishek Nair

a month ago

Can anyone suggest some universities waiving GRE for MS CS program fall 2023?


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Ketan Patil Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, There's a low chance that universities will waive GRE for Fall 2023. However, your focus should be on GPA centric schools if you have a good GPA. Ultimately overall profile matters but these quantitative criteria are used to filter out candidates. I would suggest you give GRE and try to score 300 or above. To know more, please check out Yocket college finder uses ML and AI to predict your ch... See more

Aditya Alladi Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hello there Abhishek, As the COVID struck in the year 2020 and every industry (including educational institutions) have suffered with lack of funds. For attracting the students worldwide, to gain the admission rate and incoming student rate, most of the students came up with a strategy to waive off GRE. That being a major hurdle for most of the students, as soon as it was waived off loads of ap... See more