Tanya Salaria

2 months ago

Bsc Nursing and other options

Hi, I wanted to learn more about what I should pursue in abroad as I want to go into medical field only, I wanted to become a doctor but in India all this NEET situation vanished my confidence level and now I want to pursue either bsc nursing or any other profession which later pays highly (dietician, psychologist or any other good option) I choose bsc nursing because it is the closest thing to a dr. Please help me out. #nursing #neuroscience #Psychology


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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi Tanya, Here are some options apart from Nursing but related to the medical field you can look into: (Kindly note the starting average is w.r.t to USA) 1. Flight nurse - average salary: $81,000 per year 2. Forensic nurse - average salary: $81,000 per year 3. Health writer - average salary: $59,722 per year 4. Medical and pharmaceutical sales - average salary: $69,311 per year 5. Nurse consulta... See more

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