a year ago

Are there top universities providing free education at no cost.

Top universities are elite universities with prestige and great certification value. But for some people abroad outside of US it's very costly to study pay semester fees. I need a source for income or to get a job related to the same field for my case like what I Studied is Aerospace Technology to complete master's program in Masters Aerospace Technology. After completion of degree my ambition is to get It's mostly linked to higher ends like Govt like US Defense or Private Corp like Space X that inspired the movie Avatar 2 Rockets tech or startup companies with fresh innovation ideas. It's very difficult to stand alone in to get a job that can pay all the expenses of day to day activities. I am very energized to apply for sticking to the same field that I started and don't want to change my subjects much. If there is additional subjects that is awesome to learn that's amazing . In the end it's for the people that should benefit the end results.

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