Harish Rao Takkallapally

a month ago

Advise or suggestions regarding admits for Fall'22 MS in Information Systems

Kindly share your thoughts n insights and help me in picking the best admit. - NEU Boston (MIS) - Stevens Institute of Technology ( MIS with 12K Usd Scholarship )


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Ketan Patil Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, NEU MIS should be your choice, why? NEU's MIS programme is technical in nature, with graduates working in a variety of fields such as data science, business analysis, and software engineering. NEU has a location advantage with Boston being a technical hub, though the location has taken a back seat due to covid and interviews for internships and full-time positions being conducted online. Havi... See more

Shail Sheth

a month ago

Hi, Hope you are doing well. You can compare the curriculums, concentration, electives and location of the particular program offered by the respective universities for which you would want to apply, as they might the most significant factors in your decision-making process. Also, reach out to the alumnis of the program of your choice, on LinkedIn, as some of them might reply to you. Additionally,... See more