Anshita Bhargava

13 days ago

Admission related query

In class 11, I made a wrong choice and opted for PCM, as a result, my scores in classes 11 and 12 weren't great. I passed class 12 with 67%. Now I want to pursue a degree in English literature from a reputed college and with a good scholarship, do I have any chances? And if yes, do you have any suggestions, how?

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Morvi Chaturvedi

12 days ago

Hey Anshita Yes, you have a chance don't worry. You just need to justify the change of streams, the reason and your future plans. Make sure to lay out a detailed plan and also get some internship and/or work experience along with some extracurriculars and projects related to English Literature to support your profile Keeping that in mind, You can use the Explore tool to explore Unis or directl... See more