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6 Ways to strengthen your profile for a masters in the worlds top universities

Have you shortlisted or are planning to apply to some of the top universities in the world?
Are you confused if you have the right profile and want to know what more you can do to build a strong profile?

Apart from excellent academic records and top scores in standardized tests (GMAT, GRE,TOEFL,IELTS), there are a lot of other things that students can often engage in to set them apart from the entire pool of applicants.

Here are 6 such ways by which you can enhance your profile to stand apart from other applicants :

1. Figure Out Your Unique Selling Point
- It's a fact that many of the applicants can have a better academic record than you. You need to figure out your unique selling point and highlight it in front of the university admission committee.
- Identify a USP that would help you gain a competitive edge over other applicants in the same domain. Your USP is something that is completely unique to your profile. It could be a breakthrough research with some significant relatable work experience along with some measurable impact for a community.
- When all of these are put together, they form a bigger yet meaningful purpose. You do this by jotting down all of these points and quote instances or cite examples that perfectly substantiate your academic and professional life. You need to give importance to strengths that will help you succeed in the program you wish to pursue.

2. Diversify Your Profile
- Apart from the technical expertise in your area of study, you can acquire related experience in more areas too.
- For example, if you have volunteered for any sort of special project or participated in any conferences or competition, you must highlight these points to bring it to the notice of the university admission committee. This is where diverse attributes will add more value to your profile thereby increasing your chances of admission

3. Work Towards Building a Well-rounded Personality
- Universities do believe in taking students who have a holistic and well-rounded personality. You can be a sports enthusiast, possess entrepreneurship skills or may join a social cause.
- You can also build your leadership skills by organizing events, cultural festivals, technical fest at your college or workplace. Do not forget to highlight all these in your profile.

4. Relatable Work Experience in Reputed Organization
- If you have worked with a company or done an internship related to the program you wish to pursue, it is a plus point for your profile. Your work experience gives a clear idea that you have got hands-on experience in the same field which you wish to study further.

NOTE - If you do not have any work experience related to the area in which you wish to pursue your masters in, you can engage in certification programs or a personal project based upon your learnings to showcase practical application.

5. Make your Statement of Purpose Engaging
- Your SOP gives you the opportunity to showcase your passion, skills, unique attributes and interest for the specialization you wish to pursue.
- Talk about what made you choose the particular program from that specific university. This requires immense research on the program, the faculty and the curriculum that make the university your most preferred choice.
- Also talk about the ways you can add value to the university and how you hope to be an asset to the university after completion of the program. This point is of utmost importance and if done rightly, it will boost your profile among other applicants.

6. Work on Your Resume
- Create a powerful resume that highlights your strengths and weaknesses at the same time. The admissions committee goes through more than thousands of applications, so it’s important to make it crisp and clear.

NOTE : Go for short sentences and be extra careful with the grammar. Your resume should be able to give a clear idea of academic achievements and cover topics like academic achievements, work experience (if any) extracurricular activities, research publications, certifications, community services, and other relevant details.

High competition and single digit acceptance rates in the top universities are the reason that make it hard to get in, but you can enhance your profile by working on the above points and plan out your applications well on time.

All the best! :)

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