Scholarships and Other Funding Strategies 2025
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Scholarships and Other Funding Strategies 2025

About this event

Pursuing scholarships is like embarking on a treasure hunt.
With a MAP 🗺 (guidance and information), preparation, persistence, and the ability to overcome challenges, YOU can uncover valuable financial support 💵 for your education in your dream universities across the world 🏫

Each scholarship bagged is a treasure found, making the journey worthwhile!🛣


We are bringing a webinar to help you UNEARTH these SCHOLARSHIP treasures, find clues to crack them, PREPARE tools you would require and ultimately help you overcome challenges to finally win that coveted prize! 


What to expect:

  1. Hidden Treasures: Some scholarships are well-known and highly competitive. We will disclose 🤐 the others that are less known and less competitive!
  2. Timelines to maximise the number of scholarships you can apply to
  3. Actionable Tips and practical steps to take to boost your chances of bagging scholarships
  4. Other methods to fund your education and EARN as you study! 
  5. List of top ranked universities which offer Best Funding Opportunities.
  6. Neat ways to SAVE some 'Moolah' during applications cuz rupee SAVED is rupee EARNED! 



📅 Date: 31st May 2024

⏰Time: 7pm

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