SOP, LOR Masterclass! Learn how to draft for SUCCESS!

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Online Event/webinar

SOP, LOR Masterclass! Learn how to draft for SUCCESS!

About this event

There is one thing COMMON between all our Yocket Premium Users who scored impressive Admits at  πŸ” 50 universities πŸ”₯
 Can you guess what it is? πŸ€”
 Great Test Scores? NO
 A CGPA of 9? NO
 Years of Work Experience and a bunch of Published Papers? Wrong again! βœ‹
 One thing they ALL agree that upped their GAME was Stellar Personal Documents! πŸ™Œ

 Yes it doesn’t have to be SO complicated!

Universities want to know YOU before they decide if you are an IDEAL FIT for their esteemed institutions !
Carefully crafted documents do just that for you! 
 What to expect: 
  •  How to craft CV, SOP and LORs for success ✍
  •  How to approach SCHOLARSHIP ESSAYS πŸ‘©‍πŸŽ“
  •  What are the differences between CV and RESUME , PERSONAL ESSAYS and SOPs
  •  What are the rookee mistakes aspirants make πŸ›‘


  • Examples and learnings from excerpts of Documents 
So don’t forget to join us on 22nd MAY, 7PM with our lead counsellor Dr. Prerna Anand so you craft your documents to present a compelling portrait to admissions committees!

See you there.


Masters only