QnA with Northeastern Alum & Yocket's Product Manager - Tanmay

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QnA with Northeastern Alum & Yocket's Product Manager - Tanmay

About this event

Over the last few months, we had plenty of students purchasing our premium product: Yocket Premium, and after speaking to all the students who got into our premium cohort, we realised that all of them shared a mutual affinity towards the tech-backed features that Yocket proudly flaunts today!

Be it the all in one dashboard, the daily planner, the personalised chats, the co-ordinated shortlisting, or even the AI powered SOP builder, each and every member of our premium family was able to leverage these exciting features to apply confidently for the upcoming Fall 2024!

And thus, we felt that it is important to share some in-depth knowledge about these handcrafted innovations, and who else can be a better fit to explain these features than the person who took a lead to create them in the first place?

Presenting Fireside Chat With Yocket Premium's Product Manager: Tanmay Lonkar! 

Being an alumni of the coveted Northeastern University himself, Tanmay had an intricate knowlede about the entire international application procedure, something that really helped him to create a product that was centred around the user from the get go! In this session, Tanmay will be sharing the ideology behind creating the compelling use cases of Yocket Premium, and will be guiding all attendees to use these features optimally for the best possible results!

He will also be sharing some excerpts from his experience in Boston, and we will be keeping the floor open for an extensive round of questions and answers so that all your doubts can be resolved within time!

Format of the Masterclass

Unlike any other masterclass, this session will be focused on understanding how more than 10,000 users have secured whopping global admits by using Yocket Premium, and based on the learnings, how have we changed and enhanced some features for even better results. Post the explanation by Tanmay, we will be offering each attendee a chance to get their doubts, shortly followed by a volunatry free profile review by our expert counsellors for FREE!

Registration & How to Enter?

You can register for the masterclass by simply clicking on the register now button! This is a 24x7 live event. Meaning you can watch it at any time of your convenience. Put in your questions in the chat, and we will make sure Tanmay answers it whenever he is available.


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