Crack Your Dream University in the Fall 25 intake with scholarships

Basics of Study Abroad


Online Event/webinar

Crack Your Dream University in the Fall 25 intake with scholarships

17th Nov - 26th Feb, 2024


01:30 PM - 02:30 PM GMT

Online Event/webinar

About this event

Hey Explorer!

Are you planning to crack the Fall 2025 admissions to continue your education in a great university abroad?

Admissions to top universities are getting more competitive than ever before. Make sure you do not fall behind the 70% of students who have already started their process. 

Do you feel that you are ready to get the headstart by knowing about the entire application procedure?

Because if yes, this event is everything that you need to get started with what's lying ahead to crack open the Fall 2025 admissions with dream admits and huge scholarships!


Presenting Fireside Chat With Yocket's Counsellors! 

Over the past few months, our experts at Yocket have been removing ample time on a daily basis to educate our users about the various steps that constitute the process of studying abroad followed by 1-on-1 Q&A sessions that set the flow of the event! We did this consistently for the students who were/are targeting Fall 2024, and 

However, in this rendition of the masterclasses, the flow of the event has been decided by our experts after scrutinising the general FAQs that you guys have asked over Yocket Feed, Chat groups, Emails, Quora, and the 450+ events that we did in this year.

In a nutshell, everything that can possibly bother you in the application process topped with some interesting topics curated by our experts will form the skeleton of these masterclasses!

Format of the Masterclass

In our daily Ask Yocket: Virtual Office sessions, we have been focusing a lot on answering the questions raised by the students, however in the Masterclass 2.0, the main aim will be to impart comprehensive knowledge via the counsellors who have helped thousands of students to bag top tier admits!

The presentation will be followed by a small round of QnA, but just in case any of your questions are missed out, you will always have the opportunity to join the Ask Yocket session, right after this one ends, but this time, you will have your questions ready!


Been there Done That!

In Fall 23 and 24 we helped 75+ students crack IVY leagues and similar and over 60% of our studets cracked Top-100 universites. We do this over and over again and our numbers just keep getting better and better. We are proud to have cracked the optimal strategy to help any student who is willing to put in the hardwork to crack Top-50 Universities!


 Registration & How to Enter?

You can register for one/all masterclasses on this page itself. Once you are done registering, you must come back to this page when the clock strikes 7 to join the session via the same button that you clicked for registration!

 All in all, we here at Yocket hope that these masterclasses will bridge all the knowledge gaps that you are currently facing as you mark the onset of this journey of a lifetime! But no matter how small or how big your question is, with these masterclasses, your doubts always have a home!


See you in the session!


Masters only