Bachelors in Construction Engineering Abroad


Construction Engineering concerns the planning and management of the construction of structures such as highways, bridges, airports, railroads, buildings, dams, and reservoirs, hence a Construction Engineer is essentially a Civil Engineer that designs, manages and oversees projects within the construction industry. A Construction Engineering programme combines aspects of both - Civil Engineering and as well as of Construction Management.

To say that one season is the season for construction or civil engineering would be incorrect, because every season is the season for construction engineering. Construction will always be an integral part of human survival, be it office buildings, places of worship, houses and apartments, hospitals and schools, multiplexes, etc. If you are keen to add to the concrete jungle out there, perhaps using more eco-friendly ways than our predecessors did, you should opt for a Bachelor’s in Construction Engineering degree.

Course Structure

Below is the list of core courses in Bachelor’s of Construction Engineering:

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Construction estimating and planning
  • Construction equipment
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Mechanics and Finite Elements
  • Construction materials and methods
  • Mechanical and electrical systems

Course Subjects

Following are the Construction Engineering subjects required for Bachelor’s in Construction Engineering:

  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Top Specializations

6 Specializations to Explore as a Construction Engineering Major :

  • Construction Management.
  • Environmental Engineer.
  • Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Structural Engineering.
  • Transportation Engineering.
  • Water Resources Engineering.

Core Skills

8 Construction Engineering Skills :

  • Technical Training.
  • Mathematical Skills.
  • Written Communication Skills.
  • Oral Communication Skills.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Organizational Skills.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Decision Making.


High School Diploma with GPA above 2.8, plus one of the following:

  • SAT with a minimum of 1100 overall, and a minimum of 550 from Evidence Based Reading and Writing, and Mathematics
  • Minimum of 3 APs with grades above 3
  • ACT with a score of approximately 24
  • IELTS Academic - 6.0 (No lower than 5.5 in each element)
  • PTE (Pearson Test of English) - 50
  • IB - International Baccalaureate English

Top Scholarships

Construction Engineering scholarships 2021 - 2022

  • Korean Government Self Finance Support Announced
  • The South Asia Scholarship - University of Dundee UK 2021-2022
  • New Zealand Aid Programme 2021-2022 Scholarships for international students
  • Global Korea Scholarship - Funded by Korean Government

Work Opportunities

Following are the potential job roles after completing Bachelor’s in Construction Engineering

  • Construction Manager
  • Cost Estimator
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Construction and Building Inspectors
  • Hydrologist
  • Architect