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How To Understand Your Child's Career Aspirations?

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"But dad! I don't want to take Science! I don't want to become a doctor or an Engineer!"

"How about an IAS officer then?"  

"Noo!! I want to pursue music! I want to sing; I want to produce music!" 

"Oh! But, singing and music are for academic failures. Not you, my bright child!"

The above scene is an everyday shenanigan in many households. While some families struggle to direct their children in the right direction, a few are disappointed about their child's career choices. This regular tiff occurs because of a lack of understanding, awareness and empathy.

So, what's the best solution for a situation like this? Parents are a child's friends, mentors and philosophers. Parents today believe in having a parent-loving relationship rather than a parent-fearing approach. If you too are your child's first friend, then the steps listed below will better help you understand their professional interests. 


8 Effective Parenting Tricks To Understand Your Child's Career Aspirations  

In this stage of your child's life, be their guiding light. As a mentor, you might have your own challenges. But, the best way to help your child choose the best career path is by understanding their aspirations and being a solid support system. 

To make sure you are leading your child in the right direction, understand their career aspirations by the following ways: 


  1. Listen And Discuss: Allow Your Child To Express His/Her Interest 

Have a well-informed, in-depth discussion with your child about their ideal interest and aspirations. If they have interests, don't ignore them, no matter how trivial they look to you. Some children are naturally motivated and work independently, while others require further instruction. 

By allowing your child to express, you and your child gain clarity on the path ahead. Even if your child is confused, healthy discussions lead to acceptance and, thus, will encourage your child to explore their interests further. 


  1. Educate Your Child: Let Facts Speak Louder Than Your Emotions  

Children have a unique view of the world. They have limited awareness of the external working world and its competition. It is important that you show your child the real picture as a parent. This will help them make a well-informed decision of their career. 

Simultaneously, it would be best if you asked your children to assess the viability of their career aspirations. After hearing them out, make sure you tell them about the underlying risks. This will serve as a wake-up call for them (in case they need one).


  1. Encourage Them To Explore: Deep Dive And Figure Out  

Allowing your child to explore new things can help them discover their interests, their skills and shortcomings. From painting classes to ballet rehearsals on the weekend, encourage them to get their hands dirty in whichever field interests them. This will help them figure out what exactly ignites the fire inside them. 

Understanding and assessing is the key to identifying your child's passion for their future. Yocket Counsellors' apply similar methods to thoroughly understand students and their key aspirations. This way, if they have a better course to offer, the Yocket Counsellor's provide them with the options they require. 


  1. Help Them Discover Their Talent: Identify Their Strengths  

Every child is born with their own range of talents and qualities. Some might naturally be driven to solve complex mathematical problems, a few might hone the skills of Critical Reasoning or Business. Others may naturally have a sense of style, colour or Art. Identifying critical skills and strengths will lead you a step forward in your and your child's quest of finding the right career. 

Once you have identified your child's strengths, you can schedule an online career counselling session or take aptitude tests to evaluate further what's best for them. This exercise aims to identify your children's abilities, expertise and hidden talents.


  1. Take Expert Advice: Get In Touch With A Career Counsellor

In a Tech-driven world like today, there is no one-way to pursue a career. There are 1000 different ways to have a successful career. The level of competition and the vivid opportunities are witness to the dramatic change the world has had. 

Unlike before, children today follow their hobbies and passions; and make a successful career out of it. But, here's the catch: most children might be unsure how to proceed with their interests. This is when you can wear the red cape and come to the rescue!

Consulting an education counsellor will help you and your child. For instance, if your child wants to pursue digital marketing, a counsellor can direct your child to the best digital marketing courses across the world. Experts have the knowledge and experience to help you and your child make sound decisions. 


  1. Allow Them To Experiment: Let Your Children Explore The Unexplored 

Even after self-evaluation, expert guidance and your unshaken support, if you or your child are unsure of the careers at bay. Let them further explore the unexplored. It can come as a surprise. But, you never know! Your bright child might enter a music room for the first time and might fall in love with it. If that's your child's calling, allow them to explore. 

Once your child has explored the uncharted, let them learn and master the Art. For instance, if your child discovers that Psychology is what interests him/her the most, check out the best courses and universities for Psychology and allow them to pursue it.


  1. Accept Them As They Are: Remember, It's Your Child's Life  

Expectations might sabotage your child's aspirations. Labelling them as though they were a part of you and expecting them to fulfill your dreams is highly unfair. Things that pique your interest may not ignite the interest of your children. They think in their own way and have a unique perspective on life. So, accept them as they are and keep in mind that it is their life and they are unique! 


  1. The Real Talk: Talk To Someone From The Field

Once your child has decided to pursue a specific career. Get them in touch with professionals from that particular field to further understand the nuances of the job. It is crucial for your child to thoroughly gauge - What's the future of the domain? What does life look like if they go ahead with their career? A professional with the same interest is the best person to speak to at this point. 

As a parent, you must be calm and patient while figuring out your children's dreams and ambitions. Working as a team will guarantee your child has a safe and enjoyable career. When it comes to steering your children in the correct direction, make sure you choose the best in the world. Also, remind them that you will be there for them no matter what!

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