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Spring 2018 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | Northern Illinois University | Industrial Engineering - Approved )

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Profile Details:

University: Northern Illinois University
Course: MS in Industrial Engineering

First Attempt
Hyderabad Consulate
Date: December 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 15

Visa Interview Experience:

Visa officer was lady aged between 25 to 30.
Very intimidating, straight forward attitude and kinda rude. Rejected 3 candidates before me taking less than 1 minute to reject each of them. I was terrified and said to myself better luck next time. Then comes my turn. I already had my b2 visa rejected this may when I applied to attend my brother's convocation, so I'm damn sure I was ******.

ME: Good morning ma'am, "after an eternity", how are you?(was too nervous to wish at a stretch)
VO: Just wait..!, Started typing
Didn't wish me back

VO: So.. you are going to Northern Illinois University?
Yes ma'am!

VO: When did you graduate?

VO: What have you been doing since then?
was working for ***** company as Industrial Engineering as a graduate Engineer trainee.

VO: Do you have any brother/cousin in the us?
Yes, I have my brother. He has recently graduated. and is working for Cisco.

VO: So.. is he in OPT?
YES ma'am.

VO: Okay, who is sponsoring?
My father.

VO: What does he do?
Assistant Commissioner of Police.

VO: How much does he earn?

VO: Do you have education loan?
Yes ma'am I have an education loan of 21.5 lacs.

VO: Which bank?

VO: GRE score?

Okay, here comes a tricky question..
VO: Which subject did you feel difficult in your undergrad? And why?
I took some time and suddenly started blabbering about my project saying F.E.M. and spoke some nonsense about it.

Visa officer started to reach my passport and I was ready to leave.
VO: I'm approving your visa. Have a nice day. (without any reaction on her face).
For a second I thought I was hallucinating to hear the words I wanted and then "after an eternity" realized I got my visa approved and said.
ME: Thank you. Thank you so much ma'am. Have a nice day.
And then she's like.. NEXT..!

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