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Spring 2017 Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | University of Texas at Tyler | Computer Science)

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Spring 2017 Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | University of Texas at Tyler  | Computer Science) Image

Profile Details:

University: University of Texas at Tyler
course: MS in Computer Science

First Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
November 2016
Status: Reject

Visa Interview Experiences

My F1 Visa was rejected twice at Mumbai Consulate on 28th November and 6th December.
I was going for Spring 2017.

Due to Visa rejection, I postponed my admit to Fall 2017 session.
Now I am trying Hyderabad Consulate.

My passport address is Madhya Pradesh, so my area of jurisdiction is Mumbai. I have had two rejects for Spring 2017 at Mumbai Consulate and I am going for Hyderabad this time for Fall 2017.
P.S. I have a scholarship of 8K USD for Fall 2017 which was not there for Spring 2017.
I have been awarded Employee of the year for 2016 by my Employer (MNC) and they have offered me a hike of 200% if I join them here in India after my Masters.

VO was a bald guy in his mid 30s.
VO : Pass me your I20 and Passport
Good Morning officer, how are you doing today, here they are.

VO: Good Morning, so why UTTYLER ?
UTTYLER has dedicated course work for Big Data. I have been working in this field for the last 2 years.
Moreover, Dr. Arun Kulkarni is the head of Computer Science at UTTYLER and he has 60+ papers credited to his name some of which are Big Data Research Oriented, so it would be very beneficial for my future plans.

VO: Who is sponsoring your education.
My brother is sponsoring my education. Told him about the Financials (Shouln't have mentioned it untill asked)

VO: Do you have any bank loan (He didn't speak into the mic so couldn't hear, asked him to please speak again)

VO: Which subjects you are going to study.
Told 3 subjects that are part of first semester.

VO: I am sorry Sir, I can't approve your Visa Today. Gave me 214(b)

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