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Spring 2017 Visa Experience: (Dhaka Consulate | The University of Southern Mississippi | Economic Development)

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Profile Details:

University: The University of Southern Mississippi
Course: MS in Economic Development

First Attempt
Dhaka Consulate
July 2017
Status: Rejected

Visa interview Experience:

ME: Good Morning
VO: good morning. How are you?
I’m fine and you?

VO: I’m fine passport and i20 please.
Passed it
VO: So you are going to USM. It seems your Assistantship covers most of the expenses. Who would pay the rest?
My father

VO: What does he do?
He owns a pharmacy and gets rental income from a five storied (stuttered) building. (He also has other sources of income but being nervous I forgot to mention)

VO: What’s his monthly income?
Approximately 1 lac 10 thousands.

VO: Has he been to other countries?
Yes, he was in Saudi Arabia for 10-15 years

VO: Any other country?
No (He went to India for his treatment in 2004 but I didn’t mention it cos I didn’t have his passport that time)

VO: Have you been to any other country?
No (I accompanied him in 2004 but I didn’t took my old passport so didn’t mention it)

VO: Sorry you don’t qualify.
But why?

VO: I believe you are a genuine and credible student but I can’t issue the visa. Sorry I can’t be more specific (She told me something about financial condition but I couldn’t listen her). She handed me 214B leaflet.

Total Cost: 21,808 $
Assistantship: 18,311 $
Deficit: 3,497 $
Father’s fund: 4,000 $

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