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How to Crack GMAT: How to Crack GMAT Exam in First Attempt?

Kashyap Matani

Looking to ace the GMAT and get into your dream B-school abroad? The key lies in strategic planning and preparation. From setting the right GMAT score target and mapping out areas of focus to optimizing study time and learning key strategies, we've got you covered. 

Read on as we dive into a step-by-step guide to cracking the GMAT on your first attempt. Follow our tips on test content, prep resources, and more to craft a winning game plan. Stay tuned as we round up exclusive recommendations from Yocket Premium to further boost your prep and take you closer to scoring big on test day!

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Overview of How to Crack the GMAT Exam

GMAT is an important choice among business professionals to study an MBA program at the top business schools in the world. The exam is administered by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) and conducted on a global level with an interval of every 16 days. To get into the top B-schools, you must score very well on the GMAT test. To achieve the best GMAT score, divide the months into three parts depending on your preferences. 

For example, if you are a working professional, dedicate a minimum of two hours on working days and more hours during holidays. Try to spend an hour regularly in the morning to revise your concepts and one to two hours to solve problems. Consistency is the key to success in cracking the GMAT exam. Also, try to solve as many mocks as possible for you.

Now that you understand an overview of how to crack the GMAT exam, let's now discuss GMAT exam preparation tips and strategies.

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Strategies on How to Crack the GMAT Exam

A comprehensive GMAT study plan will help you understand the section score of the GMAT, i.e., quantitative, integrated, verbal, and analytical writing, in-depth. Additionally, this will also help you decide about your strengths and shortcomings, which will eventually guide your GMAT preparation.

The GMAT preparation requires you to make consistent efforts regularly for up to 10 weeks. If you are looking for how to crack the GMAT in 2 months or how to crack the GMAT in 1 month, solid and smart study tips are needed.

Here are some useful tips that can accelerate your GMAT test preparation:

  • Familiarity with Test Structure: The more you go through the GMAT paper pattern, the better you can attempt questions on test day. The GMAT questions provided with the type of question must be understood thoroughly and can be revised to save time and confusion on the exam day.
  • Attempt Easier Questions: When you are practicing with the GMAT questions, try to solve the easiest questions first, which will boost your confidence, and now go with the difficult ones, which need patience and time to solve 
  • Time Management: While preparing for how to crack the GMAT, make sure you can work on how to effectively manage your time in the GMAT test. Poor time management can cause you to lose your precious time. Increasing your question-solving takes perseverance and effort, so start as soon as you can.
  • Don't Leave Questions: There is no negative marking for any wrong answer in the GMAT exam. So try to attempt all the questions in the GMAT test to get some extra marks.
  • Error-free: You must ensure that the correct answers you have marked in the test don't have any errors. To do that, you are required to double-check all your attempted answers after the completion of your GMAT exam.

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So these are some preparation tips that will help you in attempting the GMAT exam. However, if you are thinking about how to crack GMAT critical reasoning, the next section will give you the answer.

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Tips to Crack GMAT Exam: Section Wise

If you are wondering how to crack the GMAT in 3 months, you might plan your test section wisely. Here we have given a brief insight into the preparation tips to crack the GMAT exam for each section.

Integrated Reasoning Sections

The Integrated Reasoning section of GMAT requires a lot of practice. It is the only way that can help you score high in the section. You must remember that each question in this section has multiple parts. You need to answer each one of them correctly to get the marks.

Quantitative Reasoning

For this Quantitative Reasoning section, try to avoid measuring angles and areas by guessing mostly in data sufficiency questions. These are not drawn through scales. When you are answering the writing questions, use the note board provided. Go through the options first before attempting, as it saves a lot of your time while solving.

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Analytical Writing Assessment

The GMAT Analytical Writing is an assessment section that needs your small effort to score well. Read as many model essays as possible to understand their writing style and become familiar with their prompts. The GMAT website also contains a prompt; go through it and prepare notes accordingly. Who might know if the questions directly come from that, and if not, you are well prepared?

Verbal Reasoning Section

How to crack the GMAT verbal reasoning section is the most commonly asked question. To prepare for it, you don't need to have expert knowledge of the topics asked in the exam. Only use the passage given to answer the questions instead of applying any other insights. Make sure you are given the answers precisely to each question.

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Securing a very good score on the GMAT test is possible when you have a clear GMAT study plan. Spend ample time understanding your skills and capabilities, along with the test structure. The GMAT exam evaluates your critical thinking skills and quantitative skills to prepare you for any business management program. 

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From the Desk of Yocket

Mastering the GMAT on your first attempt requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Understanding the test structure, managing time effectively, and practicing with a variety of questions are crucial elements. Remember, each section demands specific preparation, so focus on refining your skills in integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and verbal reasoning. Leverage resources like model essays and the GMAT website's prompts for comprehensive readiness. With a clear study plan and dedication, you can navigate the complexities of the GMAT and enhance your chances of success in securing admission to top-tier business schools.

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