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Best GMAT Verbal Preparation: How To Prepare For GMAT Verbal Section?

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GMAT test-takers must take the help of the best GMAT verbal prep mock tests to get familiarised with the test structure and format. This article provides a detailed insight on how to prepare for the GMAT verbal reasoning section in a step-by-step manner.

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Study Plan On How To Prepare For GMAT Verbal Section

The verbal reasoning section is one of the most scoring sections in the GMAT exam. Your aggregate GMAT score is calculated on the basis of your verbal reasoning scores along with Quants. Start your GMAT verbal preparation with the help of this comprehensive step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: Understand The Structure Of Verbal Reasoning Section

The verbal reasoning section consists of distinct question types on Reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction. Start your preparation for the GMAT verbal section by understanding how many questions you have to answer in the given time period. The verbal reasoning section is explained as follows:

No. Of Questions

Allotted Time

Score Scale

36 MCQ

65 Minutes


  • Step 2: Study Best GMAT Verbal Reasoning Books

The best GMAT verbal preparation books include GMAT English study materials. You can enhance your GMAT English preparation by knowing how to read and critically examine a given passage with the help of GMAT Verbal Reasoning Books. Below we have recommended some of the best GMAT preparation books to enhance your language skills.

  1. The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review
  2. GMAT Foundations of Verbal by Manhattan
  3. Kaplan GMAT Verbal Books
  4. PowerScore Verbal Trilogy Bible
  5. Verbal Workout for GMAT by The Princeton Review
  • Step 3: Reading Comprehension Questions

The reading comprehension part of the verbal reasoning section consists of business, science or history passages. The questions asked in this section are based on the structure, tone, agenda and content of the given passage. Practice reading the given passage carefully and try to identify its main idea, logical structure, application and inference.

  • Step 4: Critical Reasoning Question Strategies

The critical reasoning part of the verbal reasoning section consists of short passages (100 or fewer words). Read the passage thoroughly to evaluate an argument and formulate its cause of action. To find the correct answer for the passage, you must find appropriate justifications to support or oppose the argument.

  • Step 5: Sentence Correction Question Strategies

Your language proficiency is tested in this part of the verbal reasoning section. Each question consists of a sentence with an underlined portion which you need to rephrase. You must carefully examine the sentence construction, word choice and GMAT grammar to find out the right answer.

  • Step 6: Take GMAT Verbal Practice Tests

Register on the mba.com platform to take the GMAT™ Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2 (Free) as a beginner. If you want to enhance your GMAT English preparation furthermore, purchase the GMAT™ Official Practice Exams 3 to 6 and practise GMAT pratice and sample papers.

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Best Tips On How To Prepare For GMAT Verbal Reasoning

Learn the most advantageous approach to each verbal reasoning question type  with these GMAT verbal preparation tips to enhance your score in the verbal reasoning section.

1.  Develop a Habit Of Reading

From the very beginning of your GMAT verbal reasoning section preparation, you must start reading newspapers and magazines. Get familiarised with the sophisticated English language present in the GMAT by reading The Economist, Outlook, India Today, National Geographic and Business Standard.

2.  Simplify the Language Given In The Questions

If you go through the sample GMAT questions for the verbal reasoning section, you will notice that the English language used is very proper and sophisticated. You may get confused at first while reading through the given passages. The only way to avoid this is to simplify the difficult words and sentences in an understandable manner.

3.  Read The Questions Properly

The questions asked in the verbal reasoning section contain long and short paragraphs. To determine the main idea conveyed through the passage and draw inference from it, you must read the passage slowly and carefully. Take notes for every important fact mentioned in the paragraph.

4.  Use The Process Of Elimination

While going through the answer choices for a particular question, use the process of elimination to determine the correct answer. Read all the answer choices carefully and repetitively to identify and eliminate the wrong answers first. Then you will be able to choose the correct answer more confidently.

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Do’s & Don'ts to Remember During GMAT Verbal Preparation

While customising your GMAT verbal preparation study plan, you must keep certain important GMAT do’s and don’ts in mind. These do’s and don’ts will help you understand ‘how to study for GMAT verbal section’ effectively.

Do’s - GMAT Preparation Verbal

Don’ts - GMAT Preparation Verbal

Learn 20 - 30 new words daily with their proper meaning and usage

Memorise new words without learning their meanings and usage in sentence

Make a proper study plan to develop the best GMAT verbal preparation strategy

Randomly follow any GMAT study plan without proper guidance

Make your own vocabulary flashcards to remember the new learnt words

Keep your doubts unresolved and ignore your weaknesses

Keep a record of time you need to complete a full GMAT verbal mock test

Ponder over the questions you are finding difficult to answer

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It is always advised to start your GMAT preparation as early as possible. Keep at least 1 to 3 months’ time in hand to cover the GMAT syllabus thoroughly and understand the exam pattern precisely. If you’re having doubts regarding the other 3 sections of the GMAT? Get in touch with our Yocket Professionals to know everything about the GMAT exam, colleges accepting GMAT scores and other required information.


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